About us

ToyBoxJa evolved after the misfortune of running all around to find the right toy for our son’s 8-year-old classmate. To sum it up, our son’s classmate invited him to a birthday party, and of course the burden is left on us the parents to source a great gift. To complicate things more,  the birthday boy like most, preferred a specific theme for his gift. But to our dismay after searching most of the local stores, found almost nothing suitable, and what we did stumble upon was in poor condition with exorbitant prices. That’s when my husband turned to me and said, why not start a toy store that fills this void?
In a matter of months ToyBoxJa was born. Our main focus is convenience, first-rate brands and affordability. Our family-friendly online store allows our clients to access a wide range of toys that can be browsed easily by adults and children alike. ToyBoxJa clients have access to all the magical and exciting toys with top class customer service and exceptional delivery right to your door.